Breaking The Stigma

Feel more confident in yourself with War Paint For Men's make up collection sets from basic starter kits of foundation and concealer to full collections including the bronzer and anti-shine powder - there’s a set to suit every man’s everyday!

War Paint For Men has a goal to the break the stigma that makeup is solely for women and make it the accepted norm that men wear makeup. Giving men the ability to feel confident in their own skin, War Paint For Men offers a range of tinted moisturisers, foundations, bronzers and make up tools to suit every man’s every day! The make-up products are UK produced, cruelty free, vegan ingredients that are designed specifically for sensitive male skin.

Prices for make-up tools start from £6 with make-up products starting from £18. Please check out the website for the full collection available. 

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Can this be purchased in any retail store in U.K. OR IN USA ? Please let me know .
I’m heading to London on October 1 and I would like to purchase it in a store and test it
Thank you very much

Stuart Levine April 20, 2021

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"Loved every second of it! It completely revamped the way I look and gave me the ultimate make over I was always looking for! Thanks War Paint!"

- Jakub C.