For better or for worse we have spent the last few years under a proverbial rock. The pandemic has forced us to take a break from some of our favourite pastimes such as being able to go to concerts, attend outdoor events and, of course, partake in festivals.

Sprawling outdoor festivals such as Glastonbury and Reading are fundamental parts of British culture. Not being able to sway drunkenly at 4:00am to a random hard rock folk band for the last few years should have been considered a crime, and being able to get out there once more is exactly what we need to come together once again. I am wholeheartedly looking forward to making friends with strangers who have names such as, “Cosmic Inventor”.

This year, while making your way through the roaring crowds, while simultaneously transporting two half-empty  cups of warm cider, in the middle of some random farmland, here are 5 ways you can wear makeup to a festival.

1: Introducing the festival makeup look

In real life, we wear makeup for a variety of reasons ranging from hiding blemishes, defining our features or giving ourselves a boost of confidence knowing our skin looks f**king good.

Whereas at festivals, we are given a free pass to become a version of ourselves that we hope and pray no one would ever post a picture of on Facebook. I encourage you to dress as garishly as possible because there are so few instances in life where you get to do so. This year, when you wear your vintage striped overalls from 1967, compliment your attire with a face full of intricately designed paints to not only set yourself apart from the crowd, but also to just have fun. Create and define your own personal festival makeup look.

2: Apply as much festival glitter makeup as possible.

When else do you have the opportunity to just plaster yourself with glitter? Right now your face is a beautiful canvas that should be taken full advantage of at a festival. I advise that one of the first things you should do when you arrive is plaster yourself with the shiny stuff! People will not be able to take their eyes from you as you flaunt your glorious self. Not just because the reflections from the glitter will be mesmerising the stoners. Also because people won't be able to handle your undisputable self-confidence. So go forth and let the world know how fabulous you are by turning your festival look into a literal shining beacon of festival glitter.

3: Cultivate a mysterious look by utilising eyeshadow festival makeup

Pop those beautiful eyes of yours with some dark eye shadow that will cause people to do a double- take and wonder, “who is that gorgeous modern hipster gypsy”… Or something along those lines. You don't need to wear the whole flowing outfit to pull off this look mind you. All you need is a little amount to transfix people with your gaze. If you feel so inclined, we happen to have a Beard & Brow Filler pencil that can be used as eyeliner to bring out those hypnotic globes of yours. Take note, you don't need dreadlocks or pirate attire to pull off this outfit.

4: Get inspiration - beginners easy festival makeup

There is a wealth of inspiration that you can draw on to develop that perfect festival makeup look. If it were up to me, the first place to start would be Pinterest. Check out the different looks that people have for festivals such as Burning Man, where they practically redefine what it is to wear a costume. I'm not saying you need to turn yourself into 13 foot crow on stilts. But it never hurts to have some starting inspiration when creating that perfect look. Wearing makeup in any public space can be is a very personal thing, even at a festival. Try not to directly copy someone but rather cultivate your own rhythm.

If you just want to look natural and fresh throughout the festival, check out our limited edition Festival Essentials kit that would suit a more subtle look. Small enough to fit in your bag, powerful enough to help you cover up your horrendous hangovers.

5: Makeup is not the only tool you can use. Get some face paint ideas for festivals!

No festival attendee should disregard face paint when creating their perfect look. There are an infinite number of different designs that you can paint onto your face. You can become a pretty butterfly or express your love for the moon and stars by turning your cheeks into a tapestry of the night sky. 

When it comes to face paint it really is about going big or going home. Exaggeration is the name of the game. I would suggest starting your face paint journey by getting inspiration from subreddits dedicated to creative face painting, and TikTok is a surprisingly good source of inspiration too. It wouldn’t hurt to bump up your skills, because bringing your own face paint to a festival and demonstrating skill will certainly make you a hit amongst other festival goers.

Cultivating that perfect festival look

When it comes to being unique at a festival, there’s inspiration everywhere. You have thousands of people to be inspired by, and the more creative your final look, the better. Festivals allow you to break the norm and whatever kind of person you are outside of the temporary creative paradise. I strongly urge you to go out of your comfort zone and at least apply a little bit of eyeliner.

June 24, 2022 — Jacob Macfarlane

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