Whether you are looking for a new job, cultivating a professional profile or otherwise selling your services, LinkedIn is the place to be. The most extensive platform to connect with other like-minded individuals or business executives. While listing your many achievements, extensive experience and formidable talents, there are other important considerations to take into account before bringing your profile to the next level. Aesthetics are of course, very important to make your profile attractive. So, to put your best foot forward, make sure you have the very best LinkedIn profile picture possible.

Get the LinkedIn profile picture size right

The first step to a having a great profile is to get the profile image size right. Before you get the actual dimensions, think about what kind of picture you want. You could go for a full body shot, half body, or just of your face. If you’re thinking about cropping an image you already have, be careful to keep the resolution high when you’re saving the new file, so that you don’t have a blurry photo.  The image will be displayed as circular, sto try out a few resizing tools to get the perfect dimensions which, according to buffer, is 552 x 368 pixels. To then get it to the appropriate size you can use the following tool to crop it.

Next get some inspiration from linkedin profile picture examples

If you’re not sure how to pose for a professional photo, it is a good idea to look up examples. The most obvious place to find some would be LinkedIn itself, right? Well, yes and no. Yes because there are many profiles that have excellent pictures and biographies that helped the professional come off very well. However, there are also many that are very poorly done and would serve as a terrible example of what a good picture would be. Another way is to look up sites where people are primarily selling themselves rather than their services such as model sites.

Getting it right with a professional profile picture for linkedin

It's not just about getting any ordinary picture for LinkedIn, you need something that will convey how approachable and professional you are. Pictures also need to be appropriate, it's best not to use one from your best friends stag do where you were drinking Carling from a shoe. 

You also don't want to come off unapproachable. So be sure to smile in your picture, looks aren't everything but a smile can make you a winner. Try to highlight some of your best features. A little bit of foundation can bring out your most favourable side. Check out some of our very own foundation to make you camera ready.

In general, how to improve your LinkedIn profile

Always remember that you are the most important aspect of your LinkedIn profile. You are going to be what sells it in the end. Make sure to optimise your bio, be believably exaggerative and make sure to show your very best profile picture.




August 08, 2022 — Jacob Macfarlane

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