What do you think makes a man appear confident? Are they self-assured, looking good physically, are they successful? You can be all those things too, even if you don’t quite believe it yet. Confidence takes time to build but it’s 100% possible. 

Here are our top 10 habits to help boost your confidence. 

Look after your body

Moving your body releases endorphins (the happy hormone) and suppresses cortisol (the stress hormone). You don’t need to be running marathons or going hard in the gym if that’s not what you enjoy. Find a form of exercise that works for you. It could be playing in the park with your kids, swimming, or jogging for 15 minutes. 

Watch what you’re eating too. Getting in your recommended amount of fruit and veg a day will also make you feel much healthier than pigging out on sugary or fatty foods. But don’t get us wrong, the occasional pizza is always welcome.

Take care of your appearance

Self-care is a great tool to help you to feel more confident. Throw out any clothes with holes in, master your skincare routine, and embrace wearing War Paint makeup to help you look and feel your best. 

Challenge your mind

Confident men look after their minds as well as their bodies. Learn new skills, read books and listen to podcasts that get you thinking.

Asking for help with your mental health, learning self-love and appreciation are also key for looking after your mind. Mastering your mindset is a one-way ticket to confidence town.

Help others

When you’re in a funk, helping others will help you to feel good in return. Win-win. Take a moment to compliment someone else, support them with advice, or give to charity. 

Mind dump

If you have things on your mind, writing them down can really help. Whether it’s ideas, problems, or just general ramblings, getting pen to paper can leave you with more brain space for positive things. 

Look for opportunities 

If you feel stuck in a rut, you have the power to get yourself out of it. You can change any part of your life that you’re not happy with. 

Bored with your job? Search for a new one. 

Don’t love where you live? You can move. 

Going for new opportunities and achieving new things will help you to feel more confident in your abilities.

Give yourself a mini pep talk

Practice talking to yourself positively. Saying positive affirmations to yourself regularly is proven to help you think more positively about yourself. This might feel strange at first - start by looking in the mirror each day and say a few things you like about yourself out loud. It’s a real mood-booster. 

Celebrate the success of others

Confident people celebrate others' success because they’re in competition with themselves, not everybody else! Avoid comparing yourself to those who are achieving success, but learn from them, build relationships with them, and seek advice from them if they’re where you want to be. 

Speak to yourself kindly

Have you ever noticed your inner voice saying unhelpful or unkind things? Would you say the same things to a friend that your inner voice says to you?

Turn that around. Confident men believe in themselves, and you can learn to do that too. Next time you hear your inner critic saying something negative, tell yourself something positive three times to counteract it. Over time, the negative thoughts will get quieter and the confident ones will get louder. 

Set yourself goals 

People follow people who know where they’re going. Without goals, and a plan of how to achieve them, you’re likely not to have much direction. Writing down your goals and small actionable steps of how you can achieve them will do great things for your self-esteem as you start to tick them off your list. 

March 03, 2021 — Jalpesh Patel

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