It’s all well and good waxing lyrical about how great men’s makeup is, but if you’re at the very start of your journey - tentatively putting one step forward à la Jordan North in I’m A Celeb (if you know, you know and if you don’t, Google it) - you may need some advice to get you over the line. Fortunately, that’s what we’re here for, and we’ve compiled our top 10 tips – just for you!

  1. Nail your skincare routine.

A wise man once said, “you could have the best makeup in the world but without an effective skin-care routine, you won’t be doing your skin – or the cosmetics you’ve put on it – any favours.” (Ok, ok, that was us – check it out here). We talk about this a lot but if you’re new to makeup, chances are you’re new to us, too, so we’ll say it again! It doesn’t matter what type of skin you’ve got – normal, oily or combination – it’s absolutely vital that you cleanse and moisturise every morning and evening, as this will leave you with a clearer, calmer complexion – the perfect base for makeup.

  1. Know your staples.

When it comes to makeup, the choice can be overwhelming, but it’s important not to panic! The truth is, as a beginner, there’s really only a couple of items that should become your must-haves. For us, that’s a primer, foundation and/or tinted moisturiser and concealer, but the great thing about makeup is that it’s a really personal thing, so whatever makes you feel great should become your staple!

  1. Have the prime of your life.

You’d be hard-pressed to find something negative about primer. A light, sheer product, it preps the skin for any subsequent applications, not only helping to smooth your face as a canvas but also ensuring your makeup has serious staying power, too.

  1. Lay the foundation.

Some men hear the word ‘foundation’ and start bricking it (see what we did there?). It’s understandable – it sounds like ‘proper’ makeup, and it is. However, when using a good brand and applying correctly, it can make a huge yet subtle difference to your appearance. Foundation (or tinted moisturiser, if you want to add a bit of colour, too) is ideal for evening out skin tone, masking imperfections and just giving you a healthier look overall.

  1. Fake a good night’s sleep.

Yup, it’s true! Whether you’re a new dad trying to function on three hours’ sleep, about to embark on the boardroom presentation of your career or rolling through university on a diet of booze and fast food, there’s one hero product that you absolutely must keep close by: Concealer. This little miracle worker promises to blend imperfections and dark under eye-bags into the surrounding skin for an instant pick-me-up.

  1. Less is more.

Another mantra that we’re quite keen on – for very good reason! The number one goal for most men when they start to wear makeup is that they don’t look like they’re wearing makeup, and one of the most obvious ways to ensure this doesn’t happen is by favouring light coverage – no matter which products you use. Avoid, also, getting product in your beard or sideburns, as this can be a huge tell-tale sign that you’re wearing makeup.

  1. Don’t be tone-deaf.

Another sure-fire way to tell everyone you’re wearing makeup (and not look your best!) is to use the wrong colour. Before buying any product, therefore, make sure it’s the closest fit to your skin tone. You can do this by using our nifty Shade Finder tool here.

  1. Know your application.

When it comes to applying makeup, you can be pretty flexible in terms of the tools you choose to use. Finger, sponge or brush – these are all methods we approve and you can check out our tutorial videos here. No matter how you do it, make sure you keep everything clean (yes, fingers included – especially on acne-prone skin!).

  1. Do The Dab.

No – not the sport-inspired dance move made famous by the 2015 meme (although by all means do that too, if it makes you happy.). We’re talking – instead – about makeup application, and the importance of dabbing the product in as part of your blending process instead of dragging it across your face, as this will make sure it’s spread evenly.

  1. Choose a high-quality brand.

Not all makeup is created equal. As such, you’ll want to make sure you’re favouring ingredients such as Titanium Dioxide (an ingredient that’s also used in sunscreen with protective benefits), Vitamin E (to help soothe and heal sensitive skin and prevent premature ageing) and moisturising agents, such as coconut oil and passing on those that include things like lanolin, which can clog pores and irritate sensitive skin.

You may also be tempted to just nick the missus’ makeup when she’s not looking, but as men’s skin is different in both texture and thickness to women’s,  you should really invest in a male-specific makeup brand.

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December 29, 2020 — Jalpesh Patel


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