A must-have product in your daily skincare routine, concealer can make all the difference in your appearance. Get it right and you’re laughing; get it wrong and you could be making things a whole lot worse. The single worst offence you can commit? Using the wrong colour (never a good look, trust us), but with Warpaint For Men by your side, you can be totally confident in your concealer game. Here’s what you need to know:

There are two main uses of this hero product: 1. To hide evidence of an all-nighter (AKA under-eye bags) and 2. To cover up small spots, redness and other unwanted blemishes. (Yep, the clue is pretty much in the name.)

Our approach

So far, so straightforward, right? Yet spend a few minutes googling the above and you’ll soon fall down a rabbit hole of PHD-worthy information, centred mostly on the notion that you definitely need more than one shade, based on what you’re using it for.

Far be it from us to dispute the above which – in a nutshell – maintains that for under-eye bags you should choose 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin/foundation colour and one that matches your skin tone exactly for blemishes, but in all honesty, our priority – first and foremost – is in making makeup both easily accessible and easy to use. Our belief? We generally find that the one closest to your skin colour is enough as an all-rounder – especially if you’re just starting to use makeup - and we’ve got the perfect little tool in the shape of our ‘Find Your Shade’ Quiz to help you find just that!

Concealer for black skin

We are often asked about concealer for darker skin. Again, if you’re just beginning your journey into makeup, you’ll find that the shade closest to your skin tone will probably do the job just fine.

How do you apply concealer on black skin?

You can get a really natural finish by simply using a finger, but if you’re a fan of the face sponge (like us!), you can’t go wrong with this method, either. No matter how you choose to apply it, always finish off with some anti-shine powder to help set and give it some extra staying power. We’ve got just the thing right here!

How to find the right shade for you

We’re proud to offer a selection of different shades here at Warpaint For Men, and even more excited to point you towards our ‘Find Your Shade’ Quiz to help eliminate any doubts!

Any other questions – you know where to find us!

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September 22, 2020 — Ally Collins

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