War Paint is here to give you a choice of award-winning products and tools you can use to feel confident every day. Here you can find everything you need to know about applying base makeup such as Concealer and Liquid Concealer Pen.


We could tell you how to apply your makeup, but showing you is so much easier. Find our quick application tutorials below.


Applying Concealer is easy when you know how. Here you'll find everything you need to help you apply Concealer like a pro.


Conceal dark circles, spots, scars and blemishes with our lightweight Concealer Pen. Easy to use on the go, and fits in your pocket. Easy to apply, just got easier.


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We've answered some of the questions we get asked the most here at War Paint.

What is Concealer?

As the name suggests, a concealer is a skin-toned cream that conceals just about every imperfection you can think of. Remember to make sure you select the correct shade by using our shade finder, if you try it and it doesn't look quite right you can return it using our 14-day shade swap policy.

How to apply Concealer?

If you're using the Concealer Pen, you can press the button on the end of the pen until you see concealer (this may take a few clicks the first time you use it) and directly apply the product to any areas you would like to cover. If you're using the concealer pot, simply use your (clean!) finger or a sponge to get a little bit out of the pack.

Then, use your fingers or a sponge to gently blend the product onto your skin. Use a tapping motion rather than a dragging motion. Remember, a little goes a long way and you can always add more if needed.

What should I use Concealer with?

Concealer is the core of your even & conceal step in the application guide. There are three perfect partners to the concealer, which all feature in the Starter Set:

Tinted Moisturiser is basically a mix of moisturiser and Foundation. It gives light coverage for the more natural look. It takes seconds to apply and lasts all day.

Our lightweight, non-sticky Beard & Brow Gel will shape and control your facial hairs, keeping them in place all day. Get a hold of unruly eyebrows and beards and add a slick finish. Our enriched formula that softens and moisturises, and adds shine and definition.

Use our great liquid remover product to remove all makeup and oils from your face. Made from 70% Bamboo and 30% Cotton, the 8 pads are 100% Machine Washable. To avoid the pads going missing in your wash, simply place inside the free laundry bag provided with your order and wash at your normal temperature.