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Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin, so War Paint is here to give you a choice of award-winning products and tools you can use to help you feel confident every day. 

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The Ultimate Kit

Normally $204
Now $163.20

Everything you need to help you look great and feel more confident. Turns out that good things don’t always come in small packages. All kits are 20% off RRP.

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Daily Essentials Kit

Normally $72
Now $57.60

Spend no more than 5-minutes on looking after your skin each day with the Daily Essentials Kit. Our best-selling products in one easy routine to repair and fix imperfections with a natural-looking finish. All kits are 20% off RRP.


You may not be used to seeing the words ‘men’ and ‘makeup’ in the same sentence, but that’s because there’s never been anything like this for us before.

 The truth is we also struggle with skin concerns, whether a spot that refuses to budge or an uneven tone, and we also deserve to feel good about ourselves internally.

Yet up until now, makeup has never been made with us in mind. You may not yet have tried it yourself, but along with a whole host of other grooming services which are becoming increasingly mainstream, it’s clear that men’s makeup is here to stay.

Check out our handy application guide to get you on your way.


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Choosing the right shade for your skin tone is important to help make sure that your makeup looks natural and blends in seamlessly. Take our short quiz to help you choose the right shade for you and you'll be emailed your results instantly.