Many people believe all skin is the same, however, men and women's skin are very much different.

Men's skin is naturally tougher, the skin on a man's face is 25% thicker than a woman's, men’s skin also has bigger pores and a lot more of them which produces more sebum than a woman.

The difference in men’s skin to woman’s skin is caused by hormones, specifically testosterone. Androgens such as testosterone affect the thickness of the skin and how much sebum their skin’s sebaceous glands produce. Seeing as men have a whole shedload of testosterone, their skin is both thicker and oilier than women’s. This means that as a man you may be more likely to get spots and blackheads.

Due to this, men need to be more cautious about what they use on their skin, as “regular” skincare and cosmetics could worsen the skin over time.

If you have a beard, it’s important to wash through your beard regularly and with the right products otherwise, your beard will act as a ‘covering’ that keeps oil hovering on your face. If you regularly shave your face, product choice is important as you are more likely to experience dryness from shaving, using a product with moisturising qualities is important.


All of War Paint's products are individually designed for men's skin including ingredients such as;

- Vitamin-E, this is a natural protection from UV rays as men's skin is naturally more prone to damage from UV rays which increases signs of ageing skin.

- Tea Tree Leaf Oil, this is excellent for acne prone skin and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which can help fight acne and improve the condition.

- Lanolin Alcohol is a fatty alcohol that can greatly benefit dry skin caused by shaving because it helps defend against moisture loss and maintain a supple feel on the skin.

- BHA which works on the skin's surface and inside the pores to reduce blackheads and prevent spots.