Genuinely, is there anything worse than getting half way through the day, looking in the toilet mirror and realising that you’re as shiny as a Christmas bauble?
Let’s get down to the nitty gritty about why we get oily/shiny skin, how to prevent it and if it does rear its ugly head, quick fixes to looking matte again.

Don’t get us wrong, oil within the skin can be a good thing. Everyone has sebaceous glands under each pore that produces natural oils called sebum. Sebum helps keep the skin hydrated, healthy and saves us from flaky skin. 
However, some of us unlucky few, produce too much Sebum due to dehydrated skin and suffer from these glands over compensating.
This leads to bacteria build up, throw in dead skin cells and you have yourself the perfect concoction for blemishes, zits, spots, blackheads as well as having super oily skin.

Your oil glands aren’t necessarily the only reason you have oily skin though, they can’t take all the blame. Doctors have confirmed that it can be genetic (thanks ma and pa!), your living environment, the food you eat. And the list goes on…


Wash & cleanse your face twice a day. We recommend (obviously!) the War Paint Charcoal Sponge


It’s ingredients include Bamboo Charcoal, as it’s packed with mineral-rich charcoal powder. Bamboo Charcoal deep cleans pores to eliminate blackheads and dirt whilst absorbing excess oils and toxins. Perfect for getting your skin feeling clean and fresh!

Remember to wash your face after you exercise. This is crucial for removing unwanted, unwelcome sweat.

Why not take your charcoal sponge to the gym!? Not got a carry case for it?
Fear not, War Paint are here with our brand new Wash Bag.


Moisturise and moisturise well my friend. As backwards as it is, you have oily skin because your skin is de-hydrated so you need to re-hydrate your skin. Be sure to get yourself a light, oily skin focused moisturiser and use it regularly.


Luckily, we at War Paint have a solution if you find yourself in an oily situation. Anti-Shine!

Yes, it is that simple.

War Paint’s ‘Anti-Shine’ is a translucent pressed powder, suitable for any skin tone (because it’s see through!), that reduces the appearance of pores and absorbs the excess Sebum produced by your pores!

Use it once you’ve completed your makeup routine and want to lock in that matte finish. Use it when you start to become oil/shiny. Use it just for the sake of it. It’s like translucent gold!

Apply it with the War Paint Powder Brush

And TADA… The perfect finisher AND the perfect quick fix.

May 08, 2019 — Natalie Nash

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