It’s all good and well reading and writing blogs about how to apply makeup but maintenance of your beauty products is a different ball game.

Let’s go step by step on how to maintain, clean and store your makeup & accessories.

Face Sponge

This little beaut needs to be kept fresh the most. After every use, make sure you rinse it and leave it out to air dry as it can get clogged up with Foundation, Concealer & Tinted Moisturiser.

If you don’t air dry it, it’ll dry out, in a warm wash bag, box, drawer and go moldy.
Let’s be honest, we’re using make up to hide the blemishes, not create more. So keep it clean and wait until it’s dried out to store it away.  

Powder Brush

This bit of kit is used with the Anti-Shine & Bronzer so doesn’t get too clogged up as most of the product gets transferred onto your skin.
But every now and then it’s imperative to wash your brush.
My top tip is to put a small amount of washing up liquid into warm water and clean the brush in the water.

Powder Brush

Leave it to air dry, don’t use a hairdryer as this can damage the bristles.

Charcoal Sponge

The charcoal sponge is great to keep in the shower.
However, make sure you wring it out after every use and hang it to dry in the shower.
It will need replacing, it’s not indestructible.


But if you make sure you wring it out and air dry it, it should be use-able for around 2 months – based on an everyday use.


Keep all makeup in a cool, dry place. Away from direct sunlight.
The products you’re using are liquid or liquid based. Therefore, any heat, sunlight, radiators etc will dry the product up.
On a dresser (out of sunlight), in the bathroom or in the bathroom cupboard are all easily accessible places to keep make up.
When you’re on the go, you can store and carry your make up in our new wash bag. The canvas material makes it durable and the inner layer is waterproof to minimise any accidents!

May 22, 2019 — Natalie Nash

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