9 Mental Health Tips You Can Do Every Day.

9 Mental Health Tips You Can Do Every Day.

When we hear ‘mental health’, it’s easy to jump to the assumption that a mental health problem is being referred to. But mental health is far more than a diagnosis. Mental health is much like our physical health, it's something we need to take care of every day to prevent problems from arising.

Every one of us is affected by psychological triggers daily – a recent survey by Nuffield Health in conjunction with the Mental Health Foundation corroborates this - and the challenge is to prevent them from turning into a diagnosis. So, how do we do this? Here are some of our favourite quick and easy tips!

1. Talk it out.

You know what they say, 'a problem shared is a problem halved'. Communication is important for our wellbeing, so try to reach out to have a chat about how you're feeling on a regular basis. It can be something as simple as talking to a friend, partner or colleague, sending a text, an email, or picking up the phone.

Our social network can also be our support network: having people who are there for you no matter what – to laugh at your jokes, or share the load when things aren’t going so great - helps support our mental wellbeing.

  1. Do something for someone else.

Research shows that helping others has a positive knock-on effect on your own self-esteem. We’d call that a win-win!

“It might sound really obvious”, Sid Madge, Founder of Meee says, “but often, especially as men, we are expected to be ‘efficient’ or ‘professional’ and yet that doesn’t always incorporate ‘nice’. Why not?

“Being likeable is a verified influencer. We will always do more and go out of our way to help someone we like or has been nice to us. It makes sense and it’s also a more enjoyable way to go through life.”

Noticed your friend is not themselves? Send them a nice text. Got a mate who’s insecure about his skin? Introduce him to our tinted moisturiser – a foundation, moisturiser and concealer all-in-one, giving an overall healthy glow.

  1. Be kind to yourself.

It’s easy to jump on the kindness bandwagon - less so when it’s for yourself. But research continues to show that how you think about and treat yourself can have a powerful effect on how you feel. Use positive words when thinking about and describing yourself - and write them down!

“It's time to accept we are all human beings and that none of us are perfect”, says Dr Deborah Lee from Dr Fox Pharmacy.

“If you start beating yourself up over something, thinking it's all your fault, feeling guilty, and angry, this simply pushes up your stress levels and floods your body with the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Chronic stress increases your mortality risk, and this effect is even larger if you have other medical issues such as high blood pressure, raised cholesterol heart diseases or diabetes.”

If you're feeling this way, try doing things to take your mind off the negative emotions. Cook your favourite meal, dance to your favourite song, call a friend. But most of all try to accept the past for what it is, and focus on the future. 

Sometimes it’s really hard to break through those negative feelings – especially if a nasty spot has popped up and taken centre-stage on your face! Nothing that a bit of concealer can’t help you with, eh?

Get your concealer here

  1. Exercise.

Exercise doesn't need to be a hardcore gym session. Moving your body for 30 minutes each day - even at home and in between meetings - will do wonders for your mental health. This is because when you work out, your body releases endorphins (stress-relieving and mood-boosting chemicals, to you and I!). It’s certainly something Myprotein, Europe’s number one sports nutrition brand found, with 99% of survey participants confirming that exercise improves their mental health.

“Aside from the health benefits, the mental health benefits of exercise are paramount”, explains Numan Founder, Sokratis Papafloratos.” Exercising is a great way to de-stress and unwind. Make sure you engage in activities that you enjoy and find relaxing, otherwise you will never get around to actually exercising.”

Look for small ways to add movement to your day, such as choosing the stairs over the lift, taking a short walk or taking your kids for a run around in the park. In fact, research shows that being surrounded by nature can increase energy levels, reduce depression and boost wellbeing.

  1. Take breaks.

You know those moments when it all seems too much? Taking a break in these times goes without saying. But regular pauses throughout your day should become the norm, even when things are going well, so that your mind has time to recharge and refocus.

  1. Breathe.

“Taking time to breathe is a powerful way to stay grounded, process what’s happening and activate the rational side of the brain”, explains Ali McDowal, mental health campaigner and Founder of The Positive Planner. “Just the simple act of breathing can slow the heart rate down, lower blood pressure and rebuild a sense of calm in your mind and body.”

Suzy Glaskie, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and founder of Peppermint Wellness, teaches her clients the 7/11 breathing practice – “perfect for grounding yourself before a big meeting or if you have an important call to make.

“Breathe in to the count of 7 and then out to the count of 11”, she explains. Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose and out through your nose. Your stomach should expand, but your chest should rise very little, so you may find it helpful to place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest to monitor this. Keep going for a couple of minutes and see how much calmer and in control you feel!” 

For ideas of breathing exercised, check out this guided breathing video

  1. Get lots of sunlight.

Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D, which helps our brain release mood-boosting chemicals, such as endorphins and serotonin.

Aim for 30 minutes – two hours a day (even if this means coinciding with a lunchtime walk or taking your laptop to a park bench and getting some hours in, there!).

Sun protection – as ever – is an absolute must. Be sure to put on SPF every day, even if it's cloudy.

  1. Stay connected…

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the company of others has a big impact on how we feel. So, make an effort to maintain good relationships with people and find other, non-work-related things to talk about with your colleagues throughout the day.

Seeing someone in person is obviously preferable, but keeping in touch with friends and family with the help of technology can work wonders, too.

“Friendships are a great way to boost mood as we all know how a good laugh can lift the spirits but they are also invaluable when things get tough and you really need to speak to someone”, Ali explains.

Hot date after work or meeting up with your mates? You can’t go wrong with our Ultimate Set, providing absolutely everything you need to look your best!

  1. …But know when to disconnect, too.

We’re talking about technology, obviously. Yes, our phones, laptops and tablets are amazing and we wouldn’t be without them, but sometimes – just sometimes – it’s imperative to switch off. Not only will this encourage you to meet others face-to-face instead, but it will also give you a welcome break from the constant stream of emails, alerts and never-ending feelings of FOMO that social media is guilty of.

“Managing your digital boundaries can be simple acts like not charging your phone by your bed, taking note of when you are scrolling just because you are bored and also switching off your notifications”, Ali says.

At the very least you should try to have a no-screen policy an hour before bed, as studies continue to show that the blue light emanating from your smartphone affects the production of melatonin (the hormone that regulates your sleep/wake cycle).

Looking for a new bedtime routine instead? Get your hands on our Reusable Bamboo and Cotton Remover Pads.


If you are worried about your mental health, make an appointment to speak to your GP who will be able to guide you to tailored support. 

February 16, 2021 — Jalpesh Patel
Everything you need to know about men’s foundation.

Everything you need to know about men’s foundation.

Listen up, gents. We have a lot to thank foundation for. Giving our complexion a uniform colour? Check. Hiding imperfections and signs of an all-nighter you’d rather leave at home? Check. Helping you look that bit younger and – dare we say it – boasting somewhat of a glow-up? Check. Providing the base for all other products to follow suit? Check. It’s only right, therefore, that we give some special attention to this hardworking fella in our Foundation 101.

How do I use foundation?

Right, let’s jump straight in, shall we?

  1. Start with a clean canvas. The first thing to note is that – like all other makeup – foundation should always be used with your skincare routine (yes, we know we’re beginning to sound like a broken record, but it really is that important!). After all, good makeup starts with good skincare. If you’re new to the blog, check out our informative guide on what you need for an effective skincare routine here. Maintaining this routine is vital if a smooth, blemish-free complexion is what you’re after.

TLDR: At the very least, make sure your face is clean (both morning and night!).

  1. Whilst this is not a must, applying primer before foundation will not only help smooth your face out but give the makeup extra staying power, too. This is especially beneficial if you have a beard, as it will prevent the foundation from sitting on the hair follicles. Get yours here.
  2. Use natural light. By a window is preferable (depending on the weather, obviously.).
  3. Less is more. We’ll practice what we preach and just leave that as is.
  4. You know what they say, a good workman never blames his tools, and all that, so it really doesn’t matter how you choose to do it! Fingers, sponge or brush – whatever your method, just make sure it’s applied naturally and thoroughly – without any tell-tale signs that you’re wearing anything at all (on your face, obviously). Focus on those hard-to-reach areas, such as around the nose and eyes, and if you’ve got a bit of stubble, make sure you apply against the grain. Check out our how-to video here.

Top tip. Choosing the right tone is imperative. You want one that’s going to look invisible on your skin for the most natural finish – not stick out. Find yours in our Shade Finder tool here.


Is it ok to wear foundation every day?

You may have heard that wearing makeup every day is bad as it stops your skin from breathing. Well, here’s a fun fact: skin doesn’t breathe. Yes, wearing it every day without removing it at night as part of a proper cleansing routine is asking for trouble – namely clogged pores and acne. But assuming you are diligent about your daily routine, wearing foundation every day is not only not bad for your skin, it may even be good for it.

The truth is, foundation forms a protective barrier over your skin – both physically against environmental elements and thanks to the natural SPF that can be found in the ingredients (we’re talking good quality brands here, obviously). More on this soon! (Disclaimer: NO makeup should ever be used as an alternative to sunscreen.).

We’ve been conditioned to believe that makeup can be bad for our skin, and once upon a time this may have been true. But it has evolved a lot since it first started, and as long as you’re choosing a good quality brand with only the finest ingredients, it is absolutely fine (we would even go so far as to argue advisable!) to wear your foundation every day.

What should I look for in a good quality foundation?

We thought you’d never ask!

Look for a water-based solution that also contains:

  • Titanium Dioxide. An ingredient that’s also used in sunscreen, it offers protective benefits in addition to your daily SPF.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate. Also known as Vitamin E, this is an effective antioxidant that helps protect the skin from the environment, soothe and heal sensitive skin and prevent premature ageing.
  • Sodium hyaluronate. This, along with coconut oil, offer moisturising properties.

It may not surprise you to learn that the War Paint For Men Foundation offers all of these – and more!

So, what are you waiting for? Arm yourself with this little warrior today and soldier on – through whatever life has to throw at us.

Get your men's foundation here.

January 11, 2021 — Jalpesh Patel
10 Tips For Men Who Are New To Makeup.

10 Tips For Men Who Are New To Makeup.

It’s all well and good waxing lyrical about how great men’s makeup is, but if you’re at the very start of your journey - tentatively putting one step forward à la Jordan North in I’m A Celeb (if you know, you know and if you don’t, Google it) - you may need some advice to get you over the line. Fortunately, that’s what we’re here for, and we’ve compiled our top 10 tips – just for you!

  1. Nail your skincare routine.

A wise man once said, “you could have the best makeup in the world but without an effective skin-care routine, you won’t be doing your skin – or the cosmetics you’ve put on it – any favours.” (Ok, ok, that was us – check it out here). We talk about this a lot but if you’re new to makeup, chances are you’re new to us, too, so we’ll say it again! It doesn’t matter what type of skin you’ve got – normal, oily or combination – it’s absolutely vital that you cleanse and moisturise every morning and evening, as this will leave you with a clearer, calmer complexion – the perfect base for makeup.

  1. Know your staples.

When it comes to makeup, the choice can be overwhelming, but it’s important not to panic! The truth is, as a beginner, there’s really only a couple of items that should become your must-haves. For us, that’s a primer, foundation and/or tinted moisturiser and concealer, but the great thing about makeup is that it’s a really personal thing, so whatever makes you feel great should become your staple!

  1. Have the prime of your life.

You’d be hard-pressed to find something negative about primer. A light, sheer product, it preps the skin for any subsequent applications, not only helping to smooth your face as a canvas but also ensuring your makeup has serious staying power, too.

  1. Lay the foundation.

Some men hear the word ‘foundation’ and start bricking it (see what we did there?). It’s understandable – it sounds like ‘proper’ makeup, and it is. However, when using a good brand and applying correctly, it can make a huge yet subtle difference to your appearance. Foundation (or tinted moisturiser, if you want to add a bit of colour, too) is ideal for evening out skin tone, masking imperfections and just giving you a healthier look overall.

  1. Fake a good night’s sleep.

Yup, it’s true! Whether you’re a new dad trying to function on three hours’ sleep, about to embark on the boardroom presentation of your career or rolling through university on a diet of booze and fast food, there’s one hero product that you absolutely must keep close by: Concealer. This little miracle worker promises to blend imperfections and dark under eye-bags into the surrounding skin for an instant pick-me-up.

  1. Less is more.

Another mantra that we’re quite keen on – for very good reason! The number one goal for most men when they start to wear makeup is that they don’t look like they’re wearing makeup, and one of the most obvious ways to ensure this doesn’t happen is by favouring light coverage – no matter which products you use. Avoid, also, getting product in your beard or sideburns, as this can be a huge tell-tale sign that you’re wearing makeup.

  1. Don’t be tone-deaf.

Another sure-fire way to tell everyone you’re wearing makeup (and not look your best!) is to use the wrong colour. Before buying any product, therefore, make sure it’s the closest fit to your skin tone. You can do this by using our nifty Shade Finder tool here.

  1. Know your application.

When it comes to applying makeup, you can be pretty flexible in terms of the tools you choose to use. Finger, sponge or brush – these are all methods we approve and you can check out our tutorial videos here. No matter how you do it, make sure you keep everything clean (yes, fingers included – especially on acne-prone skin!).

  1. Do The Dab.

No – not the sport-inspired dance move made famous by the 2015 meme (although by all means do that too, if it makes you happy.). We’re talking – instead – about makeup application, and the importance of dabbing the product in as part of your blending process instead of dragging it across your face, as this will make sure it’s spread evenly.

  1. Choose a high-quality brand.

Not all makeup is created equal. As such, you’ll want to make sure you’re favouring ingredients such as Titanium Dioxide (an ingredient that’s also used in sunscreen with protective benefits), Vitamin E (to help soothe and heal sensitive skin and prevent premature ageing) and moisturising agents, such as coconut oil and passing on those that include things like lanolin, which can clog pores and irritate sensitive skin.

You may also be tempted to just nick the missus’ makeup when she’s not looking, but as men’s skin is different in both texture and thickness to women’s,  you should really invest in a male-specific makeup brand.

Interested? We know just the one ... #justsaying

Browse the range.

December 29, 2020 — Jalpesh Patel
Beard and Brow Gel: Here’s everything you need to know about our latest product

Beard and Brow Gel: Here’s everything you need to know about our latest product

We do love a multi-purpose product here at Warpaint For Men. Something that makes you look good and makes your life easier? We’re all over it. Which is why we are ridiculously excited to introduce you to our brand spanking new Beard and Brow Gel.

Quick-drying, invisible and undetectable, it will help tame and style facial hair – from designer stubble to a bulkier beard (and, of course, your brows) – leaving you perfectly groomed at all times.

Hair Gel Vs Beard Gel

Ok, let’s deal with the elephant in the room. Why launch a beard gel when you could easily just use hair gel… right? Wrong!

While there are some specially formulated products for the head that can also be used on your beard, such as argan oil, hair gel is NOT one of them.  It might seem like a quick and easy fix at the time, but it will create many, many more problems down the line.

Although hair gel and beard gel are clearly related in terms of their purpose, the areas in which they work could not be more different. (Case in point: the hair on your head is very different from beard hair). This means that not only will you struggle to style your beard with hair gel, you’ll also be inviting a whole host of other issues – not least, the issue of hardening.

When hair gel dries, it hardens, which is an accepted but not sought-after effect when used for hair. Hard gel in your beard, on the other hand, is not only unpleasant to touch, but it will also look and feel awful, too (hello beard-ruff – yup, we went there.). This doesn’t happen on your head as typically, your hair doesn’t move around. Your beard, on the other hand, is exposed to food, drink, hands (and, let’s face it, a mask) throughout the day. Because of this, it needs a lot more TLC.

Beard gel – unlike hair gel – is made with your skin in mind, meaning it will provide both moisture and nourishment, as well as delivering that sought-after suave style.

Have a quick read of our must-haves for an effective skincare routine here

How to use our Beard Sculpting Gel

  1. Wash your beard thoroughly
  2. Pat dry with a towel to remove excess water
  3. Comb through to get rid of tangles (if it’s long enough)
  4. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of gel onto your fingertips and stroke through your beard – beginning at the top and following its natural shape to the bottom
  5. Shape your beard with your fingers, moving in a downward motion until you’ve achieved your desired style

Our tip: Use a smaller amount on areas of lighter growth, such as your cheeks and neck, to avoid an oily appearance.

A High-Brow Approach

We could have just glossed over the brows in this article, but then we’d be feeding into the age-old reality that – until only recently – ignored eyebrows as a worthy beneficiary of male grooming. No more, we say!

Brows are one of the first things people notice when they look at you. Get them right, and you’ll be giving off a strong, powerful expression. Get them wrong, and … well, you can probably fill in the blanks!

With our two-in-one Beard and Brow Gel (have we mentioned it’s multi-purpose?), you can naturally tame and set yours in seconds – however unruly and hard-to-style they are. Simply brush along the grain with some of the product on your finger et, voila! You’re left with smooth, even and well-groomed brows that could give Robert Pattinson a run for his money. It’s a quick, easy and efficient way to style and shape this oft-forgotten part of the face (and looks great in photos, too!).

Why now?

We’re all about low-maintenance grooming here at Warpaint For Men, and our fool-proof Beard & Brow gel is no exception. Make this part of your daily routine today and see why!

What would you like our next product to be? Comment below!

October 07, 2020 — Jalpesh Patel
Can makeup damage your skin?

Can makeup damage your skin?

How you use something is very often the precursor to how safe and effective it is, and it should come as no surprise that makeup is no different. It would be irresponsible of us to ignore the potential issues that could arise from putting chemicals on your face as - just like any other cosmetics – using the wrong products in the wrong way can cause problems. The application of makeup itself is not damaging, which is why we pride ourselves on the high-quality ingredients making up our range – and the accompanying content (like this blog!) – to ensure you’re only getting the best when you choose Warpaint For Men.

Ingredients to avoid

There are a few well-known ingredients to avoid when choosing makeup – especially if you are prone to acne - such as lanolin. This is because – while soothing on other areas of the body – can lead to clogged pores and irritating sensitive skin when used on the face. Needless to say, all our products are free from this!

Good habits

The truth is, while knowing what you are putting on your face is obviously important, how you do so is equally – if not more – so. By this we mean:

  1. Have a good skincare routine

Makeup has many benefits but prolonging the life of skin is not one of them (sorry – even we have our limits!). It is necessary, therefore, to take the right steps both before and after your makeup routine. (We wrote a whole blog about it a while back which you can catch up here!)

In short, you want to make sure you’re washing your face EVERY night (sleeping in makeup is a big no-no), to prevent clogged pores, breakouts, dullness and premature ageing. Neglecting to do this also means you’re getting up close and personal with dead skin cells and environmental pollutants on your pillow (yes, really.).  Reusable bamboo remover pads are the future – read why here.

  1. Say ‘yes’ to SPF

Speaking of premature ageing, this is another good habit you will want to form when introducing makeup into your routine. Don’t make the mistake of mixing your foundation and/or tinted moisturiser with sunscreen before application, as this can disrupt the effectiveness of both products; instead, apply sunscreen before makeup, to ensure you’re getting both protection from the sun and the most out of your products.

  1. Clean your brush and sponge

The Warpaint For Men application brush and face sponge might be the top dog of makeup tools, but if you don’t wash them regularly you will be inviting bacteria and other nasties onto your face (yup, we’re looking at you sweat, dead skin cells and facial hair dirt – not to mention the germs that will inevitably come from the products after regular use – or the fact that this build-up will get in the way of a smooth makeup application.). Deep clean the brush at least once a month and give the sponge a quick rinse after every use, ideally replacing every three months. Here’s a quick video demo on how to clean your sponge.

  1. Don’t share makeup

While it’s true that our makeup is specially formulated for men, another reason to not just sneak the missus’ concealer is that it’s the easiest way to spread bacteria. In this case, sharing really is not caring; buy her a box of chocolates instead and invest in your own makeup!

So, why Warpaint For Men?

We thought you’d never ask!

Not only are we cruelty-free (not tested on animals) and vegan, we are also not a white label product. This means that every single thing you see with our name on is our own formula and the result of extensive testing to ensure only the highest quality. And when we say testing we don’t just mean the men in white lab coats, either; our founder Danny is constantly improving what goes into each and every single product to ensure it both looks and feels good – giving the perfect coverage while allowing your skin to breathe.

Can makeup damage your skin? With Warpaint For Men by your side, not a chance*.


*in as much as there’s always a slight chance, but we’re as confident as we can be!






September 23, 2020 — Ally Collins
Concealer for every skin shade

Concealer for every skin shade

A must-have product in your daily skincare routine, concealer can make all the difference in your appearance. Get it right and you’re laughing; get it wrong and you could be making things a whole lot worse. The single worst offence you can commit? Using the wrong colour (never a good look, trust us), but with Warpaint For Men by your side, you can be totally confident in your concealer game. Here’s what you need to know:

There are two main uses of this hero product: 1. To hide evidence of an all-nighter (AKA under-eye bags) and 2. To cover up small spots, redness and other unwanted blemishes. (Yep, the clue is pretty much in the name.)

Our approach

So far, so straightforward, right? Yet spend a few minutes googling the above and you’ll soon fall down a rabbit hole of PHD-worthy information, centred mostly on the notion that you definitely need more than one shade, based on what you’re using it for.

Far be it from us to dispute the above which – in a nutshell – maintains that for under-eye bags you should choose 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin/foundation colour and one that matches your skin tone exactly for blemishes, but in all honesty, our priority – first and foremost – is in making makeup both easily accessible and easy to use. Our belief? We generally find that the one closest to your skin colour is enough as an all-rounder – especially if you’re just starting to use makeup - and we’ve got the perfect little tool in the shape of our ‘Find Your Shade’ Quiz to help you find just that!

Concealer for black skin

We are often asked about concealer for darker skin. Again, if you’re just beginning your journey into makeup, you’ll find that the shade closest to your skin tone will probably do the job just fine.

How do you apply concealer on black skin?

You can get a really natural finish by simply using a finger, but if you’re a fan of the face sponge (like us!), you can’t go wrong with this method, either. No matter how you choose to apply it, always finish off with some anti-shine powder to help set and give it some extra staying power. We’ve got just the thing right here!

How to find the right shade for you

We’re proud to offer a selection of different shades here at Warpaint For Men, and even more excited to point you towards our ‘Find Your Shade’ Quiz to help eliminate any doubts!

Any other questions – you know where to find us!

Shop our concealer now!


September 22, 2020 — Ally Collins
My Dragon’s Den experience: Behind the scenes

My Dragon’s Den experience: Behind the scenes

“Oh, God. There’s Deborah Meaden. No-one’s smiling. What am I doing?”

That was the first thought I had as the doors opened to the den.

But this was it. I was here to pitch Warpaint For Men to the dragons so that’s what I was going to do.

Everything was rehearsed to perfection, but my head was still all over the place – not helped by the fact that just moments before my pitch I made the decision to change the equity ask from 5% to 7% for a £100k investment! Fully aware that mine was a small business, I didn’t want to get into an unnecessary debate – a tactic that would (thankfully!) serve me well later.

“You can’t improve on perfection”

It’s no secret that I founded Warpaint For Men in response to having been bullied for my appearance when I was younger, and it was really important to me to get that point across quickly. This was not a business to help me make money quickly, nor was it in response to a gap in the market. It comes from a much deeper place. You can imagine, therefore, how nervous I was to invite them to try the product that means so much to me. This was it – crunch time.

“You can’t improve on perfection”, Theo Paphitis joked, after an uncomfortably long silence. I was absolutely bricking it by this point; he was definitely the hardest dragon for me, grilling me more than any of the others. I just couldn’t read him.

But then came the turning point, thanks to the next five words uttered by Deborah: “You’ve done a cracking job.”

And breathe.

But it was far from over. Whilst I was able to relax ever so slightly, there were still lots of questions being fired at me and I genuinely didn’t know which way it was going to go.

“I’m ready to put my Warpaint on”

Up until this point, Peter Jones hadn’t really said much. But then he said he was blown away by the positioning and quality of the product. It still makes me feel emotional and gives me goosebumps when I think about it. I felt like the world had been taken off my shoulders because no matter what happened now, at least I had one dragon.

I couldn’t have anticipated what would then follow. One by one, each and every single dragon proceeded to make me an offer, too! I couldn’t keep track of what was going on, but one thing I was sure of: I would not be going as high as 20%, which was the first offer on the table made by Peter. Nor would I go as high as 15%, which was the lower offer made by Deborah. “How am I going to whittle them down?”, I thought. I was so red by this point even Warpaint couldn’t hide it!

Thank God for the talking to the wall moment! Honestly! I needed time to compose myself, and in doing so decided I’d turn the tables on them. Brave or stupid? I’ll let you decide!

And that’s how I asked them what they could bring to the business and how much lower they would be willing to go. It felt like all my Christmases had come at once when Peter and Tej Lalvani agreed to team up, as they were the dragons I really wanted, but it was still at too high an equity. So, I pushed harder for a total of 12%, against their negotiations of 20%, then 15%, then 14%. They tried to go for a buy-back deal but I was adamant: Agree to 12% now and we’ve got a deal. If I sound cool, calm and collected now, I was absolutely bricking it at the time. Was I really going to walk away from the den without a deal when all five dragons had offered to invest?

“Let’s do it!”

The moment I saw Peter nodding at Tej, I knew we had a deal. Relief flooded through me and I was over the moon excited, if also absolutely shattered. I called my other half to tell her and that’s when it hit me: Five people like that backing my brand could change everything. And it did.

Like all business deals and investments, sometimes they go through and sometimes they don’t, and at that point in time we decided to progress the business a little further before taking external funds. And even though we didn’t end up working with the dragons, we’ve grown considerably as a brand and launched all over the world since then.

My time in the den was definitely one of the most nerve-wracking things I’ve ever done but also one of the best. It gave men’s makeup a bit more of a platform and furthered our journey in ways I still pinch myself about now. The future looks amazing and I hope you’ll stay for the ride!

Check out the episode here



August 12, 2020 — Ally Collins
Guys: What do you need for an effective skin-care routine?

Guys: What do you need for an effective skin-care routine?

Let’s face it; you could have the best makeup in the world but without an effective skin-care routine, you won’t be doing your skin – or the cosmetics you’ve put on it - any favours. It’s easy to slap on a bit of men’s foundation or concealer and head out for the day – sweeping the blemishes under the carpet – but to maintain healthy skin, you really need to look after it – both before and after the makeup. Suffer from acne, wrinkles or sun damage? Good skincare is one of the most powerful tools you have in both combatting and preventing these.

So, what exactly should you be doing? On one end of the spectrum we have the theses available across the internet which might have you believe that skincare is a science akin to astrophysics; on the other, the multi-use supermarket products which claim to do everything all-in-one. The reality, however, lies somewhere in the middle.

Feeling overwhelmed? Relax – Warpaint For Men is here to tell you everything you need to know.

  1. Exfoliation station

Regular exfoliation (2-3 times a week) is vital as it gets rid of dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt, which would otherwise lead to clogged pores – leading to an array of complications such as dull skin, acne and getting in the way of your products working their best. Face scrubs can be a bit too harsh, so look instead for a gentler exfoliator – especially if you have sensitive skin.

  1. Be cool and cleanse

Arguably the most important step in your daily routine as it’s the first line of defence against dirt, bacteria and other environmental nasties.  You want your face to be clean, sure, but not in the same way you clean the rest of your body. Sound confusing? We hear you, but it’s really quite simple; if you scrub too hard with harsh chemicals, you’ll end up disrupting your skin’s protective barrier which, subsequently, will strip away the good oils that keep it moisturised and dry out your skin. Instead, look for a facial cleanser or face wash with moisturising properties.

Splash your face with warm water beforehand to open up your pores, rub the face wash into your skin in a circular motion, clean off with cooler water and pat dry with a towel. Repeat twice daily - on waking up (seriously, your pillow is a cesspit of grime) and before bed, to cleanse your skin of the day’s build-up. Et voila – you have a clean canvas for all your other products to work off effectively.

  1. Tone up

Toner is an invaluable step in keeping your skin clear and shine-free as it helps rebalance your skin’s PH level after cleansing. Simply swipe over your face with a cotton pad. (If only it were as easy to get a toned body, eh?)

  1. Moisture mayhem

Yeah, we know we’ve already touched on this, but keeping your skin hydrated really is ridiculously important in an effective skincare routine as it delivers a soothing burst of vitamins and nutrients, acts as a protective barrier against unwanted toxins AND is a vital anti-ageing tool You may hate the idea of a moisturiser because of how it feels on your face, which is totally understandable, but then you probably haven’t tried Warpaint For Men’s tinted moisturiser! A few tips:

  • You should invest in a special night-time moisturiser, too, as these are – typically – ultra-hydrating, and contain specific active ingredients, like peptides, which help the skin regeneration process.
  • Drinking water is equally as important in keeping your skin fully hydrated. Without it, it will be dry, wrinkly and flaky – never a good look! Aim for 2-3 litres a day.


  1. Beard control

Don’t forget about the skin underneath your beard! Make sure to use an appropriate beard shampoo, conditioner and oil to keep things healthy.

  1. And always use protection!

Ahem, no – not that kind of protection (which obviously goes without saying); here we’re talking about SPF, which is an absolute must in preventing sun damage – no matter the weather. UV rays from the sun (which, by the way, can even penetrate through glass), not only cause skin cancer but are also the biggest factor in our skin’s ageing. It is imperative, therefore, to wear sunscreen daily with a minimum SPF 15 (although the higher the better) – making sure to reapply every few hours on a particularly hot day.

And for the uber keen among you …

There’s even more you can do for a truly effective skincare regime, if you have the time and desire to do so:

  • More potent than your average cream, the great thing about serums is that they deliver active ingredients and nutrients quicker and more effectively, boasting both anti-ageing and anti-blemish properties. The good news is that no matter your skin type, there’s a serum for it. The bad news? It can be hard to know what you need. The best bit of advice we can give is to choose an all-in-one serum that addresses a variety of issues (they’ll usually contain hydrating and skin-building ingredients).
  • There are hundreds of different kinds of masks for hundreds of different skin concerns, but what they all have in common is that they’re intended to supplement a core skincare routine. Like serums, they deliver more concentrated ingredients. The best kind of mask for men – especially if you’re a beginner – is a clay mask, which delves deep into your pores to remove dirt, oil and debris.
  • Eye cream. Definitely optional but – when using a small amount morning and night – can help fix a whole host of concerns, from puffy bags to early signs of ageing.


Skincare is not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of thing. As such, you must know your skin type before buying. Oily skin? Look for non-oily products. Dry skin? Stick to natural. Non-alcohol-based products. Combination? Yup, you’ve guessed it, choose products that are somewhere in between!

It’s time to put your best face forward!


August 03, 2020 — Ally Collins
More men wear makeup than you think! Here’s why

More men wear makeup than you think! Here’s why

Once upon a time, you would be hard-pressed to find a makeup brand for men. Today, male grooming and beauty is a multi-billion-pound industry. How and why has this happened?

We can certainly start with the ethos of our own brand, which is founded on the belief that makeup for men can be a vital tool in making you feel that bit better about yourself. It definitely played a huge part in our founder, Danny’s, story, who maintains that it has helped him manage his body dysmorphic disorder. You can check out more of that here!

The stereotypical image of what a man should be is – thankfully – changing. Whereas we were once expected to remain almost cave-like in our approach to life, men are finally acknowledging that – as human beings – we too have feelings. Research continues to show growing pressure on men to look a certain way – unsurprising given the world we live in today. According to the Guardian, the number of men hospitalised for eating disorders rose 70% between 2010 and 2016 – exactly the same rate of increase as women.

David Yi, founder of men’s beauty site, Very Good Light, puts it succinctly in an article for Vox: Men have always had the same insecurities as women, he says, “it’s just that they have been conditioned not to talk about it.”

Yes, there may be many who still identify with the ‘strong and silent’ archetype of a man, but the great thing about men’s makeup in this regard is twofold: Not only can it help you attain those feelings of inner strength and self-assurance you so covet, but it also no longer needs to be a mutually exclusive kind of thing. You can be a ‘man’s man’ who wears makeup – especially when using subtle products designed to be quick, easy and efficient.

Going mainstream

It helps, too, that public powerful figures are embracing men’s makeup. French president, Emmanuel Macron, spent £22,000 on products in his first three months in office, Victoria Beckham told This Morning that “David 100% steals my beauty products” (#blenditlikebeckham) and Pharrell Williams informed GQ that he exfoliates “like a narcissist madman”. (Read more about exfoliation and other skincare tips here.) Men’s makeup, then, becomes easier to correlate with things like self-assurance, determination and the ability to succeed.

Social media – as ever – has a huge part to play, too, helping turn men’s grooming from a ‘why?’ to a ‘why not?’. Instagram, in particular, fully normalises men’s makeup, largely through the presence of male skincare influencers which continues to draw mainstream attention. YouTube is another massive source of this, boasting increasing numbers of male vloggers and makeup artists giving makeup tutorials. Check out our very own channel here!

There are many, therefore, who wear makeup with the sole focus of looking better. Still, these men are conscious that they don’t look as if they are doing so, emphasising the importance of effective yet low-maintenance and discreet products.

A shift in beauty norms?

You might be forgiven for assuming men wearing makeup is a relatively new phenomenon. In actual fact, this is far from the case.

Ancient Egyptians – both men and women – wore kohl around their eyes, while male courtiers in 18th-century Europe were also comfortable with a full face of makeup on. Their reasons may have been different, sure, but you can’t argue with the facts. So yes, while male beauty norms are strikingly different today than they were even a decade ago, the notion that men can wear makeup is nothing new.

What is new, however, is makeup specifically made with men in mind. No longer must we borrow from our wives, girlfriends or mums; no longer must we shop in female-centric department counters. Male makeup is real, and it’s going nowhere.


August 03, 2020 — Ally Collins
Five Reasons to Buy Eco Makeup Remover Pads

Five Reasons to Buy Eco Makeup Remover Pads

Eco makeup remover pads are better for the environment, your face, your wallet and your routine – read more about their benefits here!

You might think that using a couple of cotton pads or face wipes at the end of each day is harmless, but the truth is – like every other single-use product headed for landfill – it’s having a big impact on the planet (not to mention your pocket!).

We’re pretty vocal about our mission to make you feel better about yourself through our range of makeup for men products – it’s kind of our thing.  Which is why we literally jumped at the chance to develop our own reusable, eco make up remover pads.

Here are our top five reasons to ditch disposables:

  1. They’re better for the environment

Possibly the most obvious, but equally one of the most important, too. It’s easy to rattle off phrases such as “save the planet” and “go green”, but unless you really understand the impact, it’s not always so easy to change a behaviour. It might be sobering to learn that 93% of sewer blockages are caused by 9.3 million wet wipes – it was for us, too.

These plastic-based nasties can take hundreds of years to break down – not only having huge ramifications on the amount of waste going to landfill but also on ocean pollution, negatively affecting both water quality and sea life. In fact, one study from a few years ago found a 94% increase in the number of wet wipes washing up on UK beaches.

Even single-use cotton pads – which you might assume are a safer alternative – are not much better, as they are not only non-recyclable and non-degradable but are also grown with pesticides and fertilisers (not to mention the fact that they normally come packaged in plastic themselves, too!).

With a reusable, eco-friendly alternative – made from bamboo – every single one of these concerns is alleviated, meaning you can continue to feel good about yourself even after the makeup comes off!

  1. They’re better for your face

Another lesser-known but hugely beneficial plus to ditching disposables for reusables is that they are much kinder on your skin, too. Face wipes might seem convenient when removing makeup, but they are actually surprisingly ineffective, merely smearing makeup (and dirt) across the face as opposed to actually lifting it from the skin and removing it properly. The result? A breeding ground for bacteria which can cause clogged pores and breakouts.

In contrast, our soft, velvety reusable pads – made from a gentle blend of sustainably grown cotton and bamboo – will remove your make up without causing any redness, soreness or sensitivity. We recommend using them with our very own Warpaint For Men makeup remover.

eco makeup remover pads for men

  1. They’re better for your wallet, too

You can see where we’re going with this, right? Reusable eco makeup remover pads are not only larger than your average single-use ones, meaning you get better coverage, they will also last for a good couple of years (depending on how often you use them) – far more cost-effective in the long-run. It also means you will have more cash to hand for our other products. #justsaying

  1. They’re low maintenance

Music to our ears … right? Eco makeup remover pads could not be easier to look after. Simply pop them in the mesh laundry bag that they come with and throw them in the washing with your light-coloured clothes and/or towels on a warm cycle (up to 40°), with a gentle detergent, leaving to air dry naturally afterwards. If only everything else in our lives were as simple!

  1. They look great

Like all of our products, our eco makeup remover pads come in sleek, on-brand packaging – complete with a laundry mesh bag which we just cannot get enough of – and will complement your ever-growing collection of Warpaint For Men must-haves.

Quick, easy-to-use, super absorbent and perfect for the environment, sensitive skin AND your wallet – there really is no better time to ditch disposable for eco makeup remover pads.

Check ours out here

July 13, 2020 — Ally Collins
Coronavirus and makeup: Why now’s the best time to try it

Coronavirus and makeup: Why now’s the best time to try it

We’re three months into quarantine and life is looking very different than it did before. People all over the world are finding new and innovative ways to fill their day-to-day – many deciding that now’s the time to finally do that thing they’ve been meaning to for ages. And if you’re here reading this, you’re probably toying with the idea of trying men’s makeup for the first time. Still need a bit of convincing? Read on, as we’re about to change everything for you.

Most people spend time and money on grooming products and services because of how it makes them feel inside – not for anyone else. Got a spot that refuses to budge? There’s concealer for that. Struggling with uneven skin tone? Nothing that some foundation for men can’t conquer. The fact is there’s never been anything like this for men before. Now there is.

And – let’s face it – there literally could not be a better time for it than right now. We’re living in unprecedented times and it’s totally normal to be feeling stressed, anxious and uncertain about what tomorrow will bring. It’s easy to repeat certain mantras, such as ‘stay positive’ and don’t overthink things too much’, but that’s a lot easier said than done. Why not turn to a practical coping mechanism instead; something that will make you feel better inside?

Because that’s exactly what makeup does. You deserve to feel confident in your own skin, whether you’re inside or outside, and arming yourself with the tools to achieve self-confidence is one of the most important things in your arsenal for optimal mental health.

So, spend some time on your own – without any pressure or distraction from the outside world - getting used to your new routine. Understand what each product does and feel good about yourself in the process.

There’s very little within our control right now, but how we feel about ourselves is still very much up to us.

Wondering where to start? Our just-launched starter set is the perfect first step into the world of Warpaint For Men. You can check out some tutorials here to help kill some time while in quarantine, too!

This blog is dedicated to our amazing NHS workers up and down the country, who do not have the luxury of trying our makeup while at home. Hats off to you all – we couldn’t do any of this without you.


June 16, 2020 — Ally Collins
4 Reasons to Start Using Primer This Spring (Which May Surprise You)

4 Reasons to Start Using Primer This Spring (Which May Surprise You)

As spring is on the horizon (finally), it’s time to get your skin prepped and refreshed – and that calls for primer.  

OK, we hear you. What actually is a primer? Well, it’s a clear, gel-like liquid used as the first step in your makeup routine, AKA the unsung hero for men. Despite this, it’s often overlooked but the benefits are plentiful. When smoothed over your face, it creates a blank canvas for the makeup to follow.

Here’s why you’ll want to become best pals with the new War Paint Primer

War Paint Primer

  1. Primer + foundation = long-lasting makeup

If you’re looking for a product that guarantees you no top-ups, the War Paint Primer is what you’ve been looking for. By applying the primer on your skin before War Paint Foundation, you’re creating a smooth texture for the foundation to work with (yep, it’s even beneficial for dryness, large pores, fine lines and scabs). The best part? Primer and foundation work hand in hand together as it helps your makeup stay on all day - game-changing, right?  Whether you’re rushing from meeting to presentation or out with the lads, you’ll be thanking primer from the minute you apply it. It also works wonders underneath the War Paint Concealer and Tinted Moisturiser. All hail your new makeup must-have.

Concealer for Men

  1. It’s vegan and cruelty-free

One of the biggest buzzwords in the beauty and grooming industry right now is ethical makeup. And with a Nielsen poll announcing that ‘not tested on animals’ is the most important packaging claim for 57% of people, we’re proud to say the new War Paint Primer is both vegan and cruelty-free. The perfect no-guilt makeup buy to grab this spring? We think so.  

  1. Hello, hydration

We’re big fans of giving our skin the H2O it needs. After all, 64% of our skin contains water. The new War Paint Primer hydrates, moisturises and soothes dry skin, so when you take it off you’ll most likely see a difference in texture. It might not be your top priority, but giving your skin hydration is vital, especially as the weather gets warmer in spring. Not only can more hydration improve the elasticity of your skin, but it also helps oily skin revert into its original self. Now that’s some skin TLC right there.

  1. It’s a hot weather essential

Jetting away, working out at the gym or always on the go? Here’s the spring lowdown, lads. Primer helps makeup stay on in sweaty, humid situations, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding off or wiping onto your clothes. Even with oily skin, primer works its magic. Plus, you can enjoy its benefits all the way through summer too. Bonus.

March 13, 2020 — Ally Collins